1. Manufacturing industry

AccOUT handles 5 companies in the manufacturing industry, including:

  • a company that is the Polish market leader in the manufacturing and sale of weight loss remedies

  • a large manufacturer of building materials

  • the Polish branch of a multinational foodstuff corporation from Spain


In AccOUT we have experience in implementing the ERP system, mainly in scope of accounting and finance, in manufacturing companies. Among other things, we developed a managerial reporting system with detailed costs impute at every stage of production.

2. Domestic commerce / internet commerce

AccOUT serves more than 40 domestic traders in, including companies with branches all over Poland, operating among others on the following markets:

- Investment goods

- Appliances


- Clothing


In AccOUT we have very extensive experience in invoicing, accounting and tax billing for both retail and wholesale transactions as well as shipping.

By customer request, we implement our computer system which allows carrying out sales and inventory management from the office or branches (stores) of the client, completely on-line and in full integration with our accounting system.

3. Construction/development/real estate management

AccOUT supports more than 20 companies engaged in:

- investing in real estate

- construction

- carrying out outfitting

- real estate management

, including a company specializing in the construction of wind farms.


In AccOUT we have very extensive experience in accounting and tax billing for construction projects, including the sale and rental of premises, and also in clearing various forms of financing such investments.

4. International trade

AccOUT serves 23 companies engaged in international trade, mainly within the EU, operating among others on the following markets:

- foodstuff

- medical equipment

- IT services

- computer games

- textiles


In AccOUT we do accounting for the most complex international transactions.

We have obtained for our clients many interpretations from the tax authorities of this area of expertise.

5. IT / Internet portals

AccOUT supports 3 companies whose business is based on the implementation, operation and development of commercial internet portals.

AccOUT serves 6 companies engaged in a wide scope of information technology related business, mainly software and implementation companies.

In AccOUT we assist companies from this industry sector in auditing individual projects and assessing their profitability, as well as supervising accounts and profitability of key customers.

6. Public Relations / Marketing

AccOUT handles 5 companies, who deal with:

- marketing services

- Public Relations services

, including one of the leaders in the PR market in Poland.


In AccOUT we have extensive experience in assisting companies of this industry sector in the supervision of accounts of all individual projects, and complex control of profitability of key clients and projects done for them.

7. Legal and Tax

AccOUT supports 2 law offices and a reputable office of tax consultants.


In AccOUT we pay special attention to the proper accounting of such clients in terms of point of tax obligation arising.

8. Training

AccOUT serves 3 training centres.


AccOUT obtained a number of interpretations for training centres from proper tax authorities and can guarantee the correctness of tax billing in spite of the frequently changing regulations in this industry sector.

9. Publishing

AccOUT handles a publishing company that sells books to the largest wholesalers and retailers in the industry (Empik among others) and that publishes bestsellers in the field of counselling.


AccOUT has thoroughly examined the situation of tax on books and book trading, including the acquisition of interpretations from the tax authorities of this area of expertise.

10. Medical

AccOUT supports 3 individual medical practices.


In AccOUT we take good care of „our” doctors, mainly by paying particular attention to the proper assessment and documentation of purchases as occupancy costs.


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About our accounting office...

AccOUT accounting office is an accounting services outsourcing centre located in Warsaw (Ursynów). Our accounting office is designed for people who want to entrust the running of their HR and accounting departments to specialists. Our motto, which expresses the essence of what we offer our customers, is:

External accounting - inner peace

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