In AccOUT we have a four-person team of human resources and payroll specialists under the leadership of Mrs. Dorothy Andruszkiewicz, who has 15 years experience in this field.


AccOUT offers the following payroll services:

·                     preparation of payrolls containing all items of remuneration (wages, salaries, bonuses, allowances)

·                     keeping records of employees remuneration

·                     calculation of employees income tax, including the preparation of PIT-8A, PIT-11, PIT-40 annual income tax returns forms

·                     a comprehensive billing service with ZUS, including calculation of contributions and preparation of declarations

·                     compiling registration and deregistration statements to ZUS

·                     preparation of RMUA reports

·                     issuing Rp7 certificates

·                     preparation of a testimonial to ZUS for paid sick pay after termination of employment

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·                     making revisions for ZUS

·                     preparing documents for inspection from supervisory authorities, explaining any potential
                      discrepancies and making appropriate revisions (in the case of an inspection from ZUS or
                      the Tax Office) in the settlements with PFRON


AccOUT offers the following HR services:

·                     Keeping of employees personal files

·                     Consultancy in the settlement of various monetary and non-monetary benefits for
                      employees (allowances, business cars, group insurance, etc.)

·                     Up to date reporting on the state of use of leave for each employee

·                     Monitoring deadlines of periodic examination of employees

·                     Monitoring deadlines of mandatory safety trainings of employees

·                     Keeping of other personnel documentation (e.g. remuneration regulations and bonuses,
                      rules of company equipment usage, bonus allocation rules and regulations of non-
                      monetary incentive systems) in compliance with labour laws and principles of tax accounting.

·                     Collaboration with a health and safety company in matters of employee training.


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About our accounting office...

AccOUT accounting office is an accounting services outsourcing centre located in Warsaw (Ursynów). Our accounting office is designed for people who want to entrust the running of their HR and accounting departments to specialists. Our motto, which expresses the essence of what we offer our customers, is:

External accounting - inner peace

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