We are a thriving accounting firm, focusing its services primarily on small and medium companies and the owners or managers of larger corporations who rely on efficient and secure booking, correct and timely tax billing and active support in conducting their business.


·                    Our accounting office was established in 2001 as a sole proprietorship, and since 2007
                     functions as a limited liability company under the new name AccOUT

·                    We provide bookkeeping services and handle all HR and payroll tasks for individuals,
                     partnerships, companies and corporations

·                    We currently employ 28 staff (including 5 licensed accountants)

·                    We operate in English

·                    We currently attend to over 170 customers throughout Poland, including over 60 big

·                    We have an office in Warsaw, Ursynów, on 33 Rosoła Street (corner of Belgradzka St.)

·                    We use – as one of not many accounting offices – a double check system in our
                     bookkeeping department, which gives the best guarantee of correct accounting and tax

·                    PLN 1,000,000 – this is the amount we are insured against liability for professional
                    activities; this is much higher than required by law.

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About our accounting office...

AccOUT accounting office is an accounting services outsourcing centre located in Warsaw (Ursynów). Our accounting office is designed for people who want to entrust the running of their HR and accounting departments to specialists. Our motto, which expresses the essence of what we offer our customers, is:

External accounting - inner peace

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Office in Warsaw (Ursynów)
44 Rosoła st. ap. 5
02-786 Warsaw
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Phone numbers:
(+48) 22 253 68 10
(+48) 22 838 74 34
(only between 9 a.m. & 6 p.m.)